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Welcome to paradise


“I am Caribbean born and have visited most of the other Caribbean Islands, but never have I seen such untouched beauty. The accommodation at Dandakaio was out of this world, my children loved the pool, space to run around, table tennis, playing cricket and soccer on the beach with the local kids.”

Susan - Houston, USA

"The breathtaking view is addictive, the people the friendliest I've ever known and Dandakaio a beautiful retreat from the strains of everyday life. It really is a very special place with memories from which I will never forget."

Polly - Cambridge, UK.

"I could have watched the fireflies dancing around the tree tops all night."

Halina - Emsworth, UK

“We used Dandakaio as our base camp for the Cricket World Cup in 2007. There was plenty of banter with the locals or ‘kayaks” as they are known, and everyday felt like a brand new adventure. Awesome set up!"

Michael - London, UK. / Matthew - Sydney, Australia. / Tim - Los Angeles, USA.

"Tranquility above the tree tops, watching the 'tinkerbells' and iguanas. Thanks for making this such a memorable holiday. "

Jim & Helene - Redhill, UK.

"I'll never forget the peaceful Caribbean evenings sat out on the veranda at Dandakaio looking up at the night sky, and counting the astonishing number of stars."

Thelma - Southbourne, UK

"Carriacou is like a another world, it's so peaceful and a welcome change from the fast pace of everyday life. I'll never forget my time at Dandakiao, the deck cricket, the family time, watching the sunset and of course the gorgeous views I woke up to every morning! I'll always cherish the special memories we created in Carriacou!"

Ella - Leeds, UK.

"Dandakaio and Carriacou offer the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience"

Simon - 'Simply Caribbean' - Grenada